My 31 Days in 2015

Here it is, nearly into the middle of August and I am thinking ahead to the month of October, and the 31 Days Writing Challenge.  I have been thinking about the subject off and on for over a couple of months or more. I feel like I didn't do a good job last year, so I really want to throw myself into the project and complete it to the best of my ability.

The topics are varied, as varied as the writers that will participate.  Some of the categories are  Personal Endeavors. Food & Health, Fashion & Beauty, Inspiration & Faith, House & Home,  Family Life... and this list is just partial... there are many more to choose from. Each has links to blogs that are inspiring, funny, serious, beautiful and bold. Each writer brings a perspective that is fresh and fun, and can be captivating and heart wrenching.

Last year, while participating in the writing, I met and have stayed friends with a number of people, just like myself, and yet so different. They have made me laugh and cry pretty much in equal measure. This year, I hope to meet many more new people, and reconnect with some of the people from last year that I kind of lost track of. I also hope to read a lot of interesting new blogs.

This year, I have a new page for my 31 Days Blog, Please visit it at My 31 Days of Writing  or just hit the button for the 31 Days Writing Challenge and it will take you there. Please visit my other blogs, there will also be other participating blogs listed on my page each week in October, just as there are listed to the right on this page. I will update with different blogs being featured each week.

Join me on the journey into writing, with the 31 Days series.

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